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This site is a prototype. You cannot currently book a flight.

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BitJets is all about making charter jet services affordable for everyone. BitJets gives you on-demand access to Passenger-Charter flights anywhere in the USA. On, you can browse and search hundreds of available “empty leg” flights on charter jets.

What Makes Bitjets Unique

The BitJets passenger app puts the safety, convenience, and availability of an air taxi service within the reach of every passenger. With The BitJets passenger app, the passenger is not tied to commercial airline schedules and the inconvenience of having to fly to/from major airports. BitJets uses Charter aviation companies and local airports.

Where We Fly
General Aviation Airports are a national asset. There are over 19,000 airports, heliports, seaplane bases, and other landing facilities in the United States and its territories. Of these, 3,330 are included in the FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS), are open to the public, and are eligible for Federal funding via the Airport Improvement Program (AIP).
How BitJets Works

The BitJets passenger web app allows the passenger to directly contact Charter Air Companies to confirm availability and the passenger’s flight request. The BitJets passenger app allows the passengers to arrange a flight to a specific destination at a time convenient to the passenger.

This BitJets app system connects the potential passengers with Air Charter Companies to create maximum flexibility of destination and schedules. The wingit app system will also allow the option of sharing flights to reduce the price.

What is Air Charter?

Air charter companies provide air transport services on a nonscheduled basis for passengers and cargo. “Industry operators allow people to fly where they want (in terms of destination and airport) and when they want, as opposed to commercial airlines that operate on a fixed schedule of destinations and times. This industry also includes scenic tours and sightseeing services.”


Air charter industry is a highly regulated industry. This insures staff and customer safety. A new charter company must pass a review conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  before it is allowed to operate. This certification process can take 18 to 24 months to complete, depending upon the size of the operation.

What is an Empty Leg Flight?

“Empty leg flights have become increasingly popular in the world of private air travel, but what is an empty leg flight and what does it mean to you? Empty leg flights, also known as an empty leg charter, is the return portion of a booked one-way private charter flight. The aircraft needs to fly empty to reposition itself for its next customer or to return to its home base. Although private jet operators try to accommodate schedules to avoid inefficiency, a total of 30% of all private jets fly empty, creating substantial inventory of empty leg flights.”

Passengers can save hundreds of dollars by ride sharing with friends and family. Sharing the flight reduces the cost to an airline seat.  By reserving space on already booked private charter jets, we are placing our customers in seats that would traditionally fly empty.  We are essentially taking capacity out of the market and offering it up to our customers.